Les Mills GRIT is an intense, motivating and effective high-intensity intervall training (HIIT). Due to its 30-minute format, it fits into everyone's schedule. As being part of a small team you will receive a direct coaching from your capatin, who will push you and your team members to supreme performance.

Les Mills GRIT establishes self-confidence and success in every workout. You are quickly going to get a highly athletic body. Research has shown that intensity – instead of volume – is the key to ultimate fitness.

HIIT encorporates short, intense phases of effort followed by regeneration. The concept is simple: Train as hard as possible, take a rest and breathe then start over! You are the one in control of the intensity level of your workout. Your captain suppports you with the execution of the exercises and demonstrates options for your fitness level.


+ three finely balanced HIIT classes (30 minutes)
+ warm-up exercises increase your heart rate & activate your neuro-muscular system
+ intervalls of high intensity and short phases of regeneration

A demanding high-end workout:

+ Strength, Plyometrics or Cardio exercises, which will push you to your limits
+ every class ends with a core-track for a strong core
+ Enhanced fatburning and growth hormone production
+ stimulation of muscle tissue
+ incresased calorie burn – even hours after your workout


Das ultimative HIIT-Konzept!

Take your training to the next level: a workout with fast results and minimal joint stress. Les Mills Sprint is based on scientific findings about HIIT and is a very fast and hard workout.

The shortened workout makes it possible to truly push your physical and mental limits. During peaks you will work as hard as possible and in the following regeneration you will pause shortly and prepare for the next peak. The reward is an afterburn, which will last hours after your HIIT workout.

You do not need to be a professional cyclist for doing Les Mills Sprint. But you should have a sufficient fitness level as a base. This is not a workout for beginners. Yet, your do have the possibility to reduce intensity in the beginning to get a feeling for the workout. Decrease the load on your bike or sit up and pause shortly.

We recommend two HIIT workouts per week as those classes will challenge your more than regular ones.


+ Rapidly improve athletic performance
+ Increase explosiveness
+ Build a lean, athletic body
+ Set new fitness goals – then smash them!
+ Put your metabolism into overdrive, burning calories for hours after the workout
+ Forget hours of training – 30 minutes is all it takes