UNIQUE SPORTS is a fitness company which is not comparable to any other fitness company in Germany. It is a fascility focussing on wholistic and individual training.

UNIQUE SPORTS is currently planning the foundation of trainings facilities in Germany. These will be based on the founder's three pillars of fitness. The foundation is Mirko Pröhles concept of Personal Training.

The second pillar consists of the world's most successful GROUPFITNESS concept by LesMills. At present 5 million people worldwide participate in this training experience every week.

The gentle Galilieo Vibrational Training completes the concept and adresses 'beginners as well as professional athletes'. This scientifically examined piece of fitness equipment is used in prevention and rehabilitation of athletes and its results speak for themselves.

Consequently, every member will work with an exclusive Personal Trainer, will be coached in all aspects and receives a service which has been exclusive to 'stars 'and 'VIPs' so far.

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